When Was the Last Time You Got Excited About Your Life?

Feeling Uninspired?

Not until recently if I’m honest – which is a slightly sobering thought really!

Until having the idea to start this blog only a few weeks ago, I had got very stuck-in-a-rut in terms of my own routine, probably for longer than I’d like to admit. Everything felt “meh”.

Once the idea to blog came it wasn’t long before the next idea as to what to blog about came along too, then which platform to use, how to design it, what to include, what to write, when to launch, which social media, and so on. The momentum built and before I knew it I’d suddenly done all of these things that previously I hadn’t even thought about doing.

I’m not going to lie and say at times I haven’t found some part of the process uncomfortable, or even downright terrifying on the odd occasion, but it’s actually been a lot of fun and pretty thrilling too to see how that initial idea has already snowballed and started to grow. I’ve learnt to do things that are completely new and alien to me such as using Instagram and card readings for complete strangers. It’s also put me back in touch with things I loved doing when I was a kid, writing for fun, designing images and articles and just slowing down and noticing what I’m doing from time to time.

I came across the following quote from the very inspiring Howard Thurman this evening:

“Ask what makes you come alive and go do it because what the world needs is people who have come alive”.

Howard Thurman

So, what makes you come “alive”?

You may know exactly what you enjoy doing that makes you completely lose track of time or you may have no idea. But it’s definitely something we should all do more of, because, to quote Howard Thurman, “…what the world needs is people who have come alive”.

When I was feeling stuck for inspiration, I found it incredibly frustrating that none of my “old” hobbies were holding my interest the same nor were any of my endeavours into new hobbies gaining traction, if I even managed to think of something!

Having said that, the blog idea came to me as I walked back from the shop to buy some milk! Funny what makes inspiration strike?!

If you know what causes your “alive” feeling, comment below – who knows you might inspire others. If you don’t, don’t overthink it. If you have an idea to try something new and it piques your interest, have a go anyway, even if you think you’ll be no good at it or there’s “no point”. The point is to have fun which you’ll either have or you won’t – but you’ll very quickly know if you feel “alive” or not!

And if all else fails, try a walk to the shop for some milk 🙂

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