Are Tarot Cards Scary?

Take a Closer Look at the Tarot

Depends what you mean by scary. Most people will have heard of the notorious Death card and even that it’s actually more a death of a situation card as opposed to an actual person’s death foretold.

Death Card Tarot
Death Card Tarot

But what about the other “scary” cards making up a tarot deck?

Ten of Swords

When I learned tarot I was surprised to discover that this was often viewed as the “worst” card in the pack by readers. Now though, it represents to me a hitting of rock bottom, like it can’t possibly get any worse. Despair. So not exactly fun energies but now with the benefit of past experience, know that whatever the situation, it’ll be okay in the end but first you must accept the way you feel about the situation now.

Ten of Swords Tarot
Ten of Swords Tarot

The Tower

Now this card does still make me wince a bit to see it no matter how much I know a situation is in need of it. It suggests a sudden break from the normal and familiar, a violent and destructive energy. And yet, there is some comfort with this card; for if we think about the lovely, fresh, clean-feeling air after a rainstorm, the presence of this card suggests that we are moving closer to this energy too. A fresh start after the tearing down of self or a situation.

The Tower Tarot
The Tower Tarot

Three of Swords

The sword suit is not generally known for its jolly-side and the three of swords is no exception. It is often seen as the betrayal card or as depicting a difficult third party situation. But as with all the situations depicted by the tarot, there is good to be found in all of life’s circumstances often during the most painful of times. This card is a reminder then to look for the silver lining instead of focusing solely on the bad in order to heal.

Three of Swords Tarot
Three of Swords Tarot

So that’s my 3 cards that tend to represent a challenge for me rather than being scary or bad.

The trick is not to obsess over it and instead treat the reading as you would a weather forecast – a helpful hint of what may come to pass rather than an unalterable prophecy.

Do you have any cards you find a bit scary?

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