The Magick of Herbs – The B’s

The Magick of Herbs – The B’s

Continuing with our A-Z guide to herbal magick, this week we take a look at the B’s.

To see last week’s guide to the A’s click here:

Barberry Bark

A useful herb for blocking an enemy or in uncrossing or cleansing spells. Try adding a little to an uncrossing bath concoction to remove bad luck or to a floor wash to remove negativity from the home.

Bay Leaf

Long known for its protection in avoiding hexes and jinxes, bay leaves have been used traditionally to ward off evil by burning. They are also useful in divination and psychic development and encourage dreams of prophecy. Taking a leaf and writing a wish on it before burning is another of its uses.

Bed Straw

A herb considered of assistance to those seeking love, bed straw can be carried or worn as a charm or amulet or be added to love spells. Sprinkle a little round the base of a pink candle during a love spell using in combination with rose petals to enhance its love-attracting qualities.


Benzoin has a reputation as a herb that can be used in the cleansing and purification of ritual tools. It can be burned as an incense to raise vibrations as a supporting herb during spellwork or divination, and is considered to bring prosperity in matters of business, increasing one’s focus and concentration powers.

Bistort Root

Worn as a charm or amulet, bistort root can be a luck or money attracting talisman. It can also be carried by those wishing to increase their fertility. Due to its protective attributes, it is also said to assist in exorcisms by sprinkling a little in the area you wish to banish something from. A useful aid in ridding oneself from fake friends. Used in combination with frankincense, it is also said to boost psychic powers.


Due to its links to the sea, Bladderwrack is used in travel spells especially in journeys by boat/ferry or even crossing water by air, often carried as a protective charm.


Another protective herb, boneset prevents being jinxed or cursed when carried as a charm. Other uses are in uncrossing, cleansing and exorcisms when one use would be to drink as a herbal tea. Its medicinal properties include banishing colds/flu. Sprinkled around the home as a floor sweep is one way of using boneset.

Burdock Leaf

A purifying and protecting herb, used in a wash or poultice, it is said to heal wounds. A charm can be made from the burdock leaf and placed decoratively round the home as protection for all who live there. This herb can also be used as a “wishing” herb by burning its leaves whilst focusing on your desire as if it is already true.

Burdock Root

Linked with the leaves from the same plant (see herb above), burdock root is cleansing and protecting so would be helpful in uncrossing spells and protection charms. It is also said to increase male virility.


Burnet is another herb with protective qualities so can be used to consecrate an area before spellwork or in counter-magick, uncrossing, cleansing and unbinding. Medicinally it is said to stop/slow bleeding and therefore to be particularly good for healing spells. Known for bringing a lightness of heart and spirit, it is also said to ease depression and low-mood and can be added to drinks and/or salads.

A quick at-a-glance guide to the B’s in our magickal herbs directory. Next week we proceed onto the C’s….

As with any remedy or medicine, be sure to check with your healthcare provider before beginning to work with any herbs listed.

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