Pick a Card, Any Card!

Pick a Card, Any Card!

For those of you that prefer your tarot to be more traditional, I’ve put aside my more exotic decks in favour of a deck based on the Rider-Waite creation of Dr Arthur Edward Waite for this week’s reading.

What I like about the Rider-Waite inspired decks, is that they are so accessible to anyone, with universally-recognised symbols (especially in the Major Arcana part of the deck), regardless of previous experience.

Your Reading

I’ve chosen a slightly different way of reading for you today – take a moment to think of a question or to focus on something that is bothering you that you would like to gain more insight on.

Choose one only of the 3 cards in the picture for your card

In the picture above, I’ve laid out 3 cards for you to choose from. Now that you have your “query”, select one card only from the 3 as “your” card.

  • The card on the left is Card 1;
  • The card in the middle is Card 2; and
  • The card on the right is Card 3.

Which card did you choose? See your card’s meaning below….

Card 1 – Strength Reversed/Inverted

For those of you who have selected Card 1, your message is Strength reversed. You may be feeling as though you have met your match. Maybe fighting fire with fire is not the best way of dealing with your particular problem? Could you adopt a different, perhaps a more gentle approach, which being more unexpected could help to shift the odds in your favour?

Card 2 – Knight of Cups

Those of you selecting Card 2 may have received, or be about to receive, an unexpected message of love. Knight energy can be that “sweep you off your feet” type of energy, exciting and dashing. Just be sure that it’s not going to fizzle out as fast as it arrived before acting on such messages if you’re hoping for something a little longer-lasting.

For those of you not looking for love, a message may still be received but perhaps from a friend or family member wishing to reconnect.

Card 3 – Nine of Wands Reversed/Inverted

If you selected Card 3, then you’re likely feeling overburdened and overwhelmed by things at the moment. There’s the potential for things to get worse before they get better but what this tells you is that it’s sensible to take whatever steps you can now to lighten the load for yourself. Ask yourself what you absolutely have to do in respect of your query and what is just desirable. Is there anyone you could ask for help from? Are you practising self-care to help you deal with your burdens?

Which card did you choose?

Remember – the purpose of the tarot is not necessarily to foretell the future but to provide you with a different perspective or approach to your particular problem. Looking at things from a different point of view, very often, is all we need to more clearly see the way ahead.

If you would like to have a personalised reading then these are available upon request. Use the Contact Us page to place your query.

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