The Covid-19 Diaries: Day 10

Wimbledon 2020 Cancelled

The daily death toll figure reaches its highest yet – 563 in the last 24 hours or so, according to Sky News. One of those being a young boy of just 13 years old with no known underlying health conditions.

These sad and sobering facts and statistics remind me of studying the Great Plague of 1665 at school and learning about those employed to push a cart around the streets of London crying, “Bring out your dead”. Most of us probably know that phrase better now from Monty Python of course. Maybe a very British humour, a gallows humour, is just what is called for at a time like this.

Wimbledon is the latest sporting event to be hit by the pandemic. It has now been cancelled this year for the first time since World War Two. This I’m sure hasn’t been all that surprising for most of us on the back of Tokyo 2020 being postponed last week. There simply wasn’t room in the tennis calendar to postpone Wimbledon as well as all the other tennis tournaments already vying for a space.

Some might wonder why bother to write a daily journal on such a sad time. Assuming that I do get out of this alive myself, I think it’s going to serve me well to look back at a time when our usual lives were thrown into chaos and nothing could be taken for granted. It’s a reality check for my future self. For me in the present, it’s also a good space to get my thoughts, fears and anxieties out, instead of bottling them all up.

In better news, not had a wobble yet today! I think yesterday was just my way of dealing with the shock of the last few days and reality setting in. Now I’m starting to realise the horror of the situation we find ourselves in, not just the virus, but its reach and affect on all of our lives, hopefully I can come to terms with it and make the best of a bad job.

After all, isn’t that too part of the British way? To “keep calm and carry on”, no matter what the situation.

I’m pretty sure that popping the kettle on and having a nice cup of tea is also the patriotic thing to do if you’re British at a time like this so I’m off for another cuppa!

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