The Covid-19 Diaries: Day 11

Thursday Thank Yous

Nice to get out onto our doorsteps again at 8pm this evening to clap and cheer the NHS, and all the other fantastic keyworkers keeping the country going at this strange and scary time. It was a bit strange on my street; I didn’t see as many people as last week but it was definitely louder with even the odd firework let off.

Maybe then, this will become a weekly occurrence during lockdown. A way to boost the community spirit and get out and see each other, if only from a distance, to remind ourselves that we’re all in this together.

And, after receiving news today that my job is being furloughed as from tomorrow, I imagine I’ll enjoy getting out and interacting once a week, if only from my doorstep.

I’ve actually taken the news better than I thought I would. I think I knew on Tuesday that this was coming when the live lectures stopped so did my crying and getting upset then. Today I’m actually okay with it – feels like the 6-week summer holidays for grown-ups! I’ll still be getting paid most of my wages under the scheme and don’t have to work. It could be worse!

Given that the kids would be breaking for Easter as from tomorrow as well, I even get 2 weeks off homeschooling. I’m already planning what I can do with all this unexpected free time, whip the guitar out and take that up again, knitting and crocheting, finish off some decorating I’ve started, wash the cars.

The best laid plans…

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