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Welcome to Holistic Living with Carla and thanks for dropping by!

What is “holistic living” I hear you ask? Well, for me, holistic living just means aligning all aspects of your life, whether relationships, career, health, hobbies and family in a way that works for you – not in a way that meets some pre-conceived idea of what a successful life really looks like, the whole getting an education, getting married, 2.4 children, a mortgage, 9-til-5 job until retirement if you’re lucky/until you’re dead if you’re not so lucky.

Holistic living for me is living a full, wholesome life where, yes, we have careers, marriages, children, hobbies, good health and homes but we aim to have these things add to our lives – not bleed us dry and then we die!

It is living from a place of alignment and balance, peace and harmony both with ourselves and all those around us.

Essentially then, this site has been created as a place to help myself and others live more honestly and authentically with who we really are, not the roles modern society has cast us in.

Because, at the end of the day, there really has got to be more to living than just surviving.

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