Happy Birthday Cancer!

Sun Sign Birthday Special: Cancer

Cancer season lands from around June 21st to July 22nd, so what better time to wish a happy birthday to that special Cancerian in your life by getting to know them a little better?

Let’s take a closer look then at those born under the sign of the Crab to discover more about what it is that floats their boats.

Who They Are

Inextricably linked to the image of the Crab, Cancerians are well known for their tough outer shells and crabby exteriors. For those lucky enough to get to know the real Cancerian hiding within though, there’s often a soft and sensitive soul dwelling there.

Equally as famous for the sheer variety of their mood swings, which can range from sunshine and rainbows one minute, to thundery storm clouds the next, this first of the Water signs (Scorpio being the second and Pisces the third), can catch you off guard if you’ve yet to experience this side of their nature. The good news though is that any storms tend to pass over quickly and then it’s all sunshine and smiles again!

Home & Family

Considered to have exceptionally strong maternal and caring instincts whether directed at children, animals or loved ones generally, the Cancer born are the caretakers of the Zodiac. They thrive in stability and have a loving and nurturing disposition.


If it comes down to a choice between an emotionally fulfilling career or a well-paid one, Cancerian’s usually choose or do better in the former.

Making the most of those famed natural Cancer caring attributes makes the care profession a perfect choice for these guys or even hospitality with their love of cooking being another well-known typical trait.

Health & Well Being

Robust health is the default position as a rule and as tough cookies they generally deal well with any health related hiccups along the way.

That said, being naturally anxious with a tendency to let their overactive imagination run away with them, can lead to problems manifesting in other less obvious ways such as acne breakouts and other skin problems as well as digestive issues and of course, anxiety in general. Taking steps to reduce the urge to enjoy a little worry should help so a digital detox or distracting themselves with creative exercise and hobbies including dancing can be a great way to combat such issues.


The Cancer born is renowned for their compassion for others and emotional depths, enjoying life best when mothering those nearest and dearest to them.

All signs have their negative traits though and for the Cancerian these can include:

  • A melancholic disposition
  • Can come across as aggressive and hostile initially
  • Overly sensitive
  • Moody and irritable at times without warning
  • Overly sentimental
  • Clingy by nature

Birthday Gift Ideas

Many Cancerians have a love of cooking and fine food so treating them to a cooking set or to a nice meal could well be a winner. Or, why not appeal to their natural homemaking tendencies with a fancy ornament or decorative knick-knack to add to their no doubt tasteful collection.

Playing on their links in astrology to the Moon as their ruling planet, silver jewellery can be an excellent choice as can a Moonstone crystal for those that are fans of the esoteric.


The Cancerian creature is an emotional and sensitive soul, with a big heart for those they love best. Sure they can have moody moments but holding a grudge is rare and soon they are back to their sweet and chatty selves in next to no time at all.

If you have a special someone enjoying their birthday this Cancer season, maybe share this post with them. If they’re looking for a more personalised birth chart reading then I highly recommend Cafe Astrology where, with just a few details, they can get their own Free Birth Chart from https://cafeastrology.com/

Bear in mind that the above article describes a person’s typical Sun Sign Cancer traits only and that an individual’s full birth chart details would be required to be more accurate to that individual.

New Moon Energy

New Moon Energy

For around one week a month, we have New Moon Energy. What this means is that for the first couple of days of this week you may feel a little unsettled as you adjust to this new energy.

But, once you do find your feet again, this can be a promising time. New Moons are all about fresh starts, setting your intention as to how you will move forward from your current position and “planting seeds” to grow as the New Moon does. It’s my absolute favourite Moon, full of promise and a chance to start again on a blank page.

What to do in the New Moon Energy?

Questions to ask yourself at a New Moon:

  • Where in my life could I “start again”?
  • What can I do now to start over in this area of my life?
  • When will be the best time to act on these intentions?
  • How can I prepare to give myself the best opportunity of progressing in this area of my life at the right time?

If you did the groundwork at the Last Quarter Moon of reflecting and assessing progress to date, you will have a strong foundation to begin answering these queries.

Apply this Energy to the Sign the Moon is in this Month

We also have to consider which of the Signs the Moon is “in” – this also changes once a month/approximately every 28 days and currently is in the sign of Gemini, the Twins. Gemini is an Air sign (along with its sister signs of Libra and Aquarius), which is associated with the intellect, the mind, thoughts and communication.

Because of this, this can be an excellent time to speak to others before starting a new venture, relationship, job opportunity or making a decision, with a keen emphasis on listening to someone rather than it being you doing all the talking. You don’t have to take their advice but it may help you think about your query on this new start in a different way that you might otherwise not consider.

Once you have your idea, it promises to be an explosive one – if you’ve done the groundwork and talked and listened to others first! Gemini and new thoughts or ideas tend to have something of the “light-bulb” or “eureka” moment about them; an epiphany, a stroke of genius. Then you can start your preparations to put your plans into action at the best time astrologically, the First Quarter Moon.

Gemini is also about fun and spontaneity, moments of unexpected laughs and enjoyment so get out and do things on the spur of the moment. With your “new ideas”, be flexible and remember that nothing is set in stone; you can change your mind if you want to if you later discover a different and better way to achieve your desires. Just leave yourself plenty of room to manoeuvre and change your mind at this time and this energy can be very fun and exciting.

To check which sign the Moon is currently in, see this fantastic resource: https://moonphases.co.uk/

Last Quarter Moon Energy

Last Quarter Moon Energy

What is Moon Energy?

In brief, the influence of the Moon’s 28-day journey through each sign and its stages, and how this affects our lives.

Last quarter moons are all about reflecting upon the progress we may have made from the last full moon (the previous week); a time of assessing what has worked well for us and what has not, an opportunity to fine tune our lives in readiness for next week’s new moon energy best for “all things new”.

What to do in the Last Quarter Moon Energy?

This is the time you should reflect back on what has worked well for you in the last week and what did not. A stock-take or inventory of your life over the last week or so that lasts until the next full moon.

This is a quieter energy than both last week’s full moon and next week’s new moon. It is more introspective. A time to retreat back a step from a situation or from launching anything new. It can feel like an internal tug of war with yourself, like a toddler trying to stay awake instead of taking a break to rejuvenate. If you fight it, you’re only going to feel more tired and stressed and clumsy.

Better to treat this as a quiet week, keeping things on the down-low, a moment to catch your breath before feeling refreshed and re-energised just in time for next week’s new moon energy – perfect!

In these moments of stillness and rejuvenation, you’ll be better able to objectively reflect on your progress and make the necessary adjustments to re-integrate with new projects or ideas at next week’s more favourable time energetically.

The Takeaway: There may be some things you are still figuring out in this less bright light of the Moon. These are represented by the dark side of the Moon in its last quarter. Focus on these as you reflect to clear your thoughts ahead of next week’s new moon, when you can take new actions more effectively.

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