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This section houses DIY project ideas, home-cooking and clean eating recipes, gardening tips and family time topics for both in the home and days out together.

Up until moving into our new home in November 2018, eating together at the table as a family wasn’t something we ever did but I can honestly say that it’s fast become a favourite part of my day and is a great way to check in with those closest to me.

I have to admit, apart from our youngest child, Mia, none of the family seemed particularly taken with the idea when I first suggested it. To their credit and my surprise, however, they’ve all fully embraced the concept and now it’s something that is done as a matter of course without even thinking about it, regardless of who’s on dinner duty that night!

A key part of our family’s move in this direction has been a better awareness and focus on the food we eat and fuel our bodies with. This all started with a book from the library which introduced us to the idea of “clean eating” whole, minimally processed foods as much as possible. We were amazed at the difference this made in just a few short weeks to our enjoyment of not only mealtimes themselves but to meal prep too (which up until then was not something I was particularly fond of!).

Over the last few years, other related matters such as getting into gardening and our growing concerns on issues such as climate change and the environments we spend time in, both in and outside of our home, have really helped us as a family develop a happier, healthier routine around our Home & Garden. This has most definitely provided us with a more rounded knowledge, understanding and practice of how these things affect not only our physical bodies, but our minds, emotions and spiritual connection to ourselves, one another and the world around us too.

Moving into our new home recently at the end of 2018 and having a larger garden, a more vibrant and noticeable wildlife as well as taking an interest in our new neighbourhood, have provided us all with a better peace of mind and awareness of the little things we can do (and enjoy doing!) to vastly improve our own lives in these areas.

Why not take a look at our features on the page around recipes, gardening, home and family life together with environmental issues to see which ideas appeal to you?