Astrology & Divination

In this section, you’ll find information on your Sun Sign (and other signs!) as well as an introduction to the wonderful world of divination tools such as tarot and crystal-reading.

I’ve been drawn to the mystical ever since I can remember, which is strange thinking about it as this was not something that I learnt to be interested in from a peer or family member nor something I grew up around.

Instead, I happened to stumble across astrology as a child, as many of us do, in magazines and newspaper articles with my initial interest being focused on what my “star” sign was – Aquarius.

I was fascinated, not so much by the fortune-telling aspect of daily or weekly horoscopes, but more in the typical characteristics listed of an Aquarian and others in my immediate family and how the signs inter-related. My mother was a Scorpio, my father a Pisces, my brother a Sagittarius and my nanna a Taurus. My closest family and I were made up of all 4 of the Elements: Fire, Earth, Air & Water and I couldn’t help but notice how this affected our personalities and relationships with one another, even as a child.

By the age of 12 I had developed a healthy obsession on the topic learning that they were in fact Sun (and not the commonly called “Star”) Signs and was introduced via a magazine free gift and article to the tarot – mind-blown!

Here then I would like to share some common misconceptions on astrology and bring the whole of the planets, in particular your Moon and Rising Sign, into focus to explain why looking at just your “star sign” will only get you so far.

We also look at the Tarot in detail, exploring some of the decks I use as well as Oracle cards, channelling and my latest obsession – crystals!