The word “soul” has, for many of us, become intrinsically linked to religion, particularly a heaven or hell based after-life. But what if we were to be more in touch with our souls in our every day life too? What would this look like and how can we achieve this, even if we do not consider ourselves to be religious? Often this simply means living in a way that we feel more and more at peace with what we say, do and feel.

Fortunately there is a vast array of tools to choose from to help us find a way back to the very essence of who we each are, a way back to our spirit – our soul. And the great news is we can choose to access our soul right now, in this moment. From Sun Signs, Tarot and the Runes to Lightworkers, Moon Energy and Witchcraft, check out our articles in this section and see which topic talks to you – who knows, maybe it’s a sign…