Crystals are a type of mineral which grow underground, often over thousands of years. They come in all different shapes, sizes and colours and are said to contain certain “energies” depending on their type and make-up. Crystals are generally thought to work with the energy-centres or “chakras”. Their energies can be positive or negative and therefore may need to be “charged” or cleared of any potential ill side-effects, both before first-use and periodically.

Popular stones/crystals include amethyst, smoky, rose and clear quartz, jade, black tourmaline and tiger’s eye to name but a few.

There are numerous ways to work with crystal energy; some people like to incorporate it into their jewellery often with their birthstone or a chakra pendant or bracelet as an amulet or for healing. Others prefer to take part in crystal healing therapy such as crystal layouts where certain crystals are placed at corresponding points on the body or as part of their meditations when doing a “chakra cleanse”.

It is even possible to use crystals to do crystal readings where, like with tarot or oracle cards, you read the energy of the crystals that you pull out. This is something I am currently learning to do myself and it can be fun and insightful to combine your tarot cards with your crystals used to clarify cards.

Another common use can be using crystals to help you set your intentions or just as decoration in a room to give out a certain vibe or energy as suits. We have a Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp which is said to help purify the air amongst other benefits – if nothing else it gives off a nice, cosy-glow that is very relaxing in itself.

The different energies that can be given off by the crystals include not just relaxation but healing energy, lessening of anxiety and stress, helping to clear the mind and/or chakras, as well as helping people feel more spiritually connected.

When working with crystal energy, many people feel extremes of temperature, usually heat or a tingling sensation, a ringing in the ears or just a “sense” of energy, generally taken to be a sign that the effects of the crystal/s are being physically felt.

An easy way to start with crystals would be to find one that you connect with and start carrying it round with you to start to build a connection with it. Bear in mind that it may be worth looking into ways to cleanse your crystals before first-use so as to be sure not to take on any negative effects it may hold.

What are your experiences of working with crystals, what are your favourite types and why – let me know in the comments below.

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