First Quarter Moon Energy: 10 June – 17 June 2019

Moon Energy Forecast

What is First Quarter Moon Energy?

From approximately 7 a.m. GMT today, we have what is known as a First Quarter Moon in the sign of Virgo. It will look like a half moon but the term quarter relates to the astrological positions of the Sun and the Moon causing a right-angle as opposed to the shape we see in the sky.

A First Quarter Moon is a very different energy to that of last week’s New Moon, so give yourself space to settle into this new energy. It can be a powerful time indeed, especially if during the New Moon, you made your plans and set your goals and intentions, now is the time to take action. Those “seeds” planted last week, now start forcefully pushing through, whether you feel ready or not, so you may feel a strong urge to take decisive action – just make sure it’s the right move and you’re not just being impulsive to avoid causing yourself unnecessary drama!

Being in the sign of Virgo, you should also ensure you’ve dotted all the “i’s” and crossed all the “t’s”. The devil is in the detail where Virgo is concerned so ensure you’ve checked and double-checked any paperwork or agreements before pushing forward.

What to do in the First Quarter Moon Energy?

This week is an excellent time to:

  • Feel more energetic – get any outstanding jobs done now to make the most of this energy boosted period;
  • Rid yourself of bad habits – smoking, drinking, junk food, lack of exercise. This is a great time to kick start your health and well-being plans;
  • Be decisive – once you’ve checked and double-checked the detail and you’re happy all is in order, press on with your plans, goals and intentions with your new-found energy.

Virgoan energy is determined and hard-working which might be just what you need whilst the Sun is in fun-loving Gemini, helping you to get that dreamed of project off the ground with a firm, solid foundation.

This energy can lead to a bit of a need for perfection – whilst it’s important to check the details and to not act impulsively, it’s also important to harness the powerful First Quarter Moon energy now, so remember that things don’t have to be perfect, they just have to be thought through and planned for. Otherwise, there’s a danger you’ll miss the boat altogether!

The Takeaway: Lights, camera, action! Take your plans from last week’s New Moon, double and even triple-check the detail, make your decision and then go for it! If you didn’t make the most of the planning energy of last week, all is not lost – you’re just going to have to make up lost ground first so even more reason to think carefully before acting.

Next week we will be in the Full Moon energy from 17 June 2019, a generally auspicious time when everything becomes amplified – good and bad. Whilst hard-work now is recommended to get your plans off the ground, a better idea would be working smart so that you don’t run yourself into the ground in the process and end up with overwhelmingly strong emotions then in that amplified energy.

The Full Moon is a time of even more expansion and fruition as your plans continue to grow as an unstoppable force. It’s also a time of illumination under the full glare of the light of the moon, when secrets can be revealed, so avoid doing anything now that you wouldn’t want to be exposed in next week’s energy!

Until next week’s Full Moon Energy Update…

Last Quarter Moon Energy

Last Quarter Moon Energy

What is Moon Energy?

In brief, the influence of the Moon’s 28-day journey through each sign and its stages, and how this affects our lives.

Last quarter moons are all about reflecting upon the progress we may have made from the last full moon (the previous week); a time of assessing what has worked well for us and what has not, an opportunity to fine tune our lives in readiness for next week’s new moon energy best for “all things new”.

What to do in the Last Quarter Moon Energy?

This is the time you should reflect back on what has worked well for you in the last week and what did not. A stock-take or inventory of your life over the last week or so that lasts until the next full moon.

This is a quieter energy than both last week’s full moon and next week’s new moon. It is more introspective. A time to retreat back a step from a situation or from launching anything new. It can feel like an internal tug of war with yourself, like a toddler trying to stay awake instead of taking a break to rejuvenate. If you fight it, you’re only going to feel more tired and stressed and clumsy.

Better to treat this as a quiet week, keeping things on the down-low, a moment to catch your breath before feeling refreshed and re-energised just in time for next week’s new moon energy – perfect!

In these moments of stillness and rejuvenation, you’ll be better able to objectively reflect on your progress and make the necessary adjustments to re-integrate with new projects or ideas at next week’s more favourable time energetically.

The Takeaway: There may be some things you are still figuring out in this less bright light of the Moon. These are represented by the dark side of the Moon in its last quarter. Focus on these as you reflect to clear your thoughts ahead of next week’s new moon, when you can take new actions more effectively.

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