The Magick of Herbs – The D’s

The Magick of Herbs –

The D’s

With the powerful New Moon in Cancer now upon us, this week I decided to follow my own advice and set, or rather re-set, my intentions for 2019 in areas where I have drifted off my intended course, set for myself at the start of the calendar year.

Many nature-lovers like myself like to do a “New Moon Ritual” at this time to help cement those intentions more fully so that the are planned and ready to be progressed over the next couple of weeks or so. This doesn’t have to be any more than taking a moment to sit in nature (or indoors if unable to sit outdoors), preferably on the day of the New Moon (or as close to it as possible), meditating on your intentions for the latest Moon cycle and perhaps surrounding yourself with items or trinkets that are important to you and your intentions.

These items could be candles, incense, photos or affirmations, a few helpful herbs…there’s a couple in the article that I think are lovely for adding to your very own New Moon Ritual.

There are loads of articles out there to inspire your New Moon Ritual but I’m something of an improviser! I like to review other people’s ideas and put together my own ritual inspired by others but with my own unique twist and that’s what I’d suggest anyone do. You want to make it feel “special” enough that it’s not something you do every day but not so complicated that you need a set of instructions to follow it!

If you’re interested in how the New Moon might affect your life, feel free to check out the article on it below, along with the link to the previous section on the C’s of our Magickal Herbs directory:

Otherwise, we progress through our Magickal Herbs A-Z, taking on the D’s….


Picked fresh from the garden this evening, most of us will be able to access this plant associated with innocence and child-like love. Many of us will know and have even had a go at the “He loves me; he loves me not” game in our younger years. Given its associations, add liberally to love spells. Alternatively, use in a new baby blessing, perhaps in a baby-shower gift for the parents?


Another wonderful ingredient for love spells. Damiana, however, is much more lusty, sexual and passionate than the innocent daisy above so you probably wouldn’t want to include both in the same spell! A good example of why it’s important to set intentions before working with herbs and ingredients to better make use of their gifts. Other uses include opening of chakras and deep meditation. Works well with quartz. Best to not ingest this one.

Dammar Gum

In Malaysian, “Dammar” means “light” and therefore this gum is said to bring lightness to a dark soul. Cleansing of negativity; depression; sadness; and melancholy, it is also believed to be healing and useful in divination and psychic practices, it’s light-bringing qualities helping to raise our awareness.

Dandelion Leaf

Another good ingredient for enhancing powers of divination, psychic abilities and particularly potent at summoning spirits! A purifier, it is a cheery, healing herb and useful to carry as a charm or used in a wishing spell.

Dead Nettle (Red)

This herb is said to be protective, good for friendships and relationships of all sorts, also with a happy, cheerful vibe so may be useful in incense. It can be added to teas or salads, raw or cooked. One particularly good herb for me to use with my New Moon Ritual as it has a grounding, determined energy to it, said to help with willpower!

That brings us to the end of the D’s in our directory. Enjoy the New Moon energies and set yourself some great intentions, maybe even taking part in your very own ritual to help strengthen your resolve. Next week we’ll take a look at both the E’s and the F’s. See you then!

As with any remedy or medicine, be sure to check with your healthcare provider before beginning to work with any herbs listed.

The Magick of Herbs – The C’s

The Magick of Herbs – The C’s

Feeling under the weather this week with a cold, I write whilst currently sipping on a lemon and ginger herbal tea which is most definitely helping when standard Western medicine (Sudafed!) really hasn’t. So whilst I don’t exactly feel like writing, I’m spurred on by the hope that some of what I write may help others understand, appreciate and make use of the magickal powers of herbs.

Continuing with our A-Z guide to herbal magick, this week we take a look at the C’s. To catch up with last week’s guide to the B’s, click the link below:

Cattail Seeds

Cattail is commonly used in passion and lust spells and carrying some in a charm is said to increase a woman’s libido should she wish to. It is particularly good as fire kindling which is perhaps where it’s associations with lust and passion arise from.


A herb still revered today for its healing and sleep-inducing qualities, often mixed with apple and used in herbal teas. Peaceful and tranquil it can be used in love spells or to purify ritual tools. It can be added to a bath to either unbind from an unwanted person/lover and their energies or to attract new love. It can also be used by gamblers as a lucky hand-wash.

Cinquefoil (Five-Finger Grass)

The 5 “fingers” of cinquefoil are thought to be useful in attracting money, wisdom, power, health and love so would work well in related spells and rituals. Medicinally, it has been used as a tincture for bruising and to reduce inflammation and fever. In herbal teas, it is thought to aid with digestive difficulties.


For those wishing to encourage commitment and fidelity in relationships, carrying cleavers as a charm or amulet is said to increase one’s prospects. It can be used in spells concerning difficult love relationships to bind another to you. Can be added to teas, soups and juices to reduce bloating and has also been used medicinally to reduce wound inflammation.


A much-loved favourite of school children everywhere back in my day! Conkers, carried as a charm/amulet are said to bring luck and prosperity to the carrier and are especially effective carried in a green bag, wrapped in a money-note. Simply rubbing a well-looked after conker is considered lucky in itself. As the shape of the conker is similar to testicles, they are also said to increase fertility in males.

Coriander Seeds

If looking to draw in new love, coriander seeds carried in a red bag with the name of the person you are trying to attract, are said to bring in lust and passion and would be a powerful combination with cleavers (see above). They too are a helpful addition to fidelity spells as well as being a charm against illness. They can be added to a bottle and placed decoratively round the home to increase happiness as well as being used as a purifier in divination.

That brings our brief journey through the C’s of the herbal world to a close. Were there any surprises? Personally, I’ll never see conkers the same again! Join us next week as we move onto the D’s….

As with any remedy or medicine, be sure to check with your healthcare provider before beginning to work with any herbs listed.

The Magick of Herbs: The A’s

The Magick of Herbs

The A’s

As I start upon my path of learning about various herbs and plants and their different properties, uses and associations, I thought it may be of use to others to jot down my findings, as honestly, up until recently, I found the topic so vast, I was at a loss as to where to start.

Where to Start?

I thought a nice introduction to the topic would be to order a “Witch Starter Kit” via Amazon last week and honestly whilst it may not be for everyone, I’ve been delighted with it. It came with numerous exciting packets, all neatly labelled with some names I recognised and others I’d never heard of, with a helpful list of potential uses – all for the bargain price of £15.00!

I should say that many herbs can be found in supermarkets, garden centres and kitchen cupboards or grown at home, so it is not at all necessary to invest in a starter kit like this – unless you want to of course!

Get to Know What You’re Working With

Before using any of these herbs, I thought it sensible to begin my own glossary of each and therefore my list of magickal herbs is limited at this time solely to the ones that came with my kit and some everyday herbs I grow in my kitchen and garden that I intend to add to my purchased kit.

This glossary, therefore, is to be a basic A-Z guide to begin with which, in time and with better knowledge and understanding, I intend to add to. The glossary is alphabetical rather than set out in terms of importance and/or relevance. I will include any related histories or philosophies that I come across that I believe are important for context, but for those more experienced in these arts, I’d be grateful for patience and tolerance with any errors, although more than happy to be corrected!

All that being said, on with the A’s….

Agnus Castus.

Agnus Castus

Use half to one teaspoon in herbal teas once ground down and strained mainly for “female” based issues such as PMS, menstruation and menopause.



Best used in protection and reversal magick in an uncrossing bath, a floor wash, worn or carried as psychic armour, in purifying incense or satches. Works well with Frankincense and with white candles. Also good to banish bad dreams in a dream/comfort pillow.

Alder Cones

Alder Cones

Alder has strong associations as a portal to the fairy realm, it being considered bad luck to cut down such a tree. Good to use its cones in divination or carried for protection or to soothe anxiety/nerves.



Known for bringing prosperity, health, wealth and abundance, alfalfa is good for gamblers or for inducing generosity from others. Can be used in money spells by sprinkling at the bottom of a green candle or carried in sachets. Placing in a jar in your kitchen is said to ensure you always have enough food, whilst carrying a little in your wallet helps you to hold onto the last of your cash. It can also be added to salads/used in herbal teas.

Arrow Root

Arrow Root

Another herb considered lucky for gambling! Before placing a bet, dust hands in the powder or coat lottery/prize tickets in a light dusting of arrow root and place under a green candle (already sprinkled with alfalfa – see previous herb) before lighting candle and burning just a little each day until the winner is announced.

Ash Keys

Ash Keys

Ash keys are said to unlock the doors to wisdom and knowledge so you may wish to use them in divination. They are also said to be protective so in spell-work can keep out negative energies or entities. Carry an even number of them in a sachet for good luck. Place in a dream/comfort pillow in even number to induce prophetic dreams and visions.


Avens (Wood)

Used in spells of love and protection as well as a purifier and in exorcisms – being in love can sometimes feel as though we are possessed! Useful in spell-work to keep out/purge negative energies/entities. Can be used as a cleanser in a relationship turned sour.

Next week, we will continue with our A-Z guide to herbs and their magickal uses as we proceed with the B’s….

As with any remedy or medicine, be sure to check with your healthcare provider before beginning to work with any herbs listed.