Could You Be a Lightworker?

Could You Be a Lightworker?

The term “lightworker” is mostly used in a spiritual sense, to describe a person who feels a calling to help and heal others. Often, they will have gone through a “spiritual awakening” of their own before answering this call to raise the vibration of the planet in their own unique way, awakening others to connect with their true and authentic selves and higher purpose.

What Do Lightworkers Do?

Lightworkers make it their life purpose to help and heal others in a variety of ways, ranging from spiritual leaders and healers, doctors, nurses and teachers, astrologers and psychic advisers, but really can be anyone. Many lightworkers do not discover this side of themselves until later in life, when they find that the career they have chosen for themselves no longer resonates with who they have awoken to inside, usually prompting a change in career and life direction.

Being a lightworker is about embracing the light in the world and bringing this light to others, wherever possible, to shift the planet towards a higher level of consciousness.


Many lightworkers believe that they entered into a “soul-contract” before coming to Earth, in this lifetime, for a specific purpose or role. Once the soul reincarnates in this lifetime however, all of this is forgotten and the lightworker is in effect “asleep” until their awakening is triggered, many times by a difficult or painful life event (although it does not always have to be so).

It is important to note that spirituality and religion are not synonymous with one another, although it is of course entirely possible to be both.


Sometimes, for a while after the spiritual awakening, the lightworker can feel in limbo, knowing that they have a life purpose but not remembering what this is yet. This can be a difficult time leading to a “dark night of the soul” moment.

Common Lightworker Signs

In case you’re wondering how to tell if you’re a lightworker, here are 10 common symptoms experienced by those on the path of the lightworker:

  1. You’ve always felt “different”;
  2. You have, or are developing, a psychic ability;
  3. You have strong empathic abilities;
  4. You are highly intuitive;
  5. You care about the world and environment;
  6. You have an interest in healing whether traditional or alternative;
  7. You are introverted – meaning that you need time alone after being with others to recharge your energy;
  8. You have gone through your own spiritual awakening;
  9. You have noticed certain numbers seem to be everywhere especially 11:11; and
  10. You don’t feel “freaked out” by this list but feel as though someone finally understands you.

Being a lightworker does not make a person any better than any other person not yet “awakened”. It simply means that your life purpose and reason for being here was to “wake up” sooner so that you could awaken others, who in turn will be able to do their part to raise the planet’s vibration to a higher frequency.

This is a huge topic and the above barely touches the surface but I’ll follow up with further posts if there’s interest.

If you’re interested in learning more now, I strongly recommend following Victor Oddo on YouTube and Instagram as he’s probably my favourite resource on the topic and explains things in a way that are both easy to understand and relate-able for anyone:

What do you think – could you be a lightworker?