Sustainable Skin Care

Guilt Free Skin Treats

Scrolling through my Instagram feed last month, I happened across an ad for The Pip Box. If ,like me, you’ve never heard of it either, basically, it’s a monthly subscription service where, for £25 per month, you get a box of cruelty free, vegan friendly beauty goodies delivered straight to your door.

For more information on The Pip Box itself, check out their website (The Pip Box | Cruelty-free & vegan friendly makeup subscription box)

Each month there’s a different theme of products for you to try – this month (June 2021) it was “sustainability” meaning the products selected are kind to our skin, bodies and our planet.

As well as this, the whole point of The Pip Box is to push animal friendly, good quality, cruelty free products over brands who aren’t so ethically minded.

For a long time, I thought I was choosing cruelty free products – all my beauty products proudly proclaimed that they were “not tested on animals” so I wrongly assumed that this meant they were cruelty free. Not so. Unfortunately, the beauty industry has a dirty little secret. A lot of well-known brands say that they do not test on animals and, technically-speaking, that is quite correct. What they don’t tell us though, is that these well-known, household name brands often have sister-companies that do test on animals so that they can quite legitimately say their company does not test on animals yet all the while they know full well that another company that they are affiliated with is doing precisely this. And personally, I think pretending not to test on animals based on a technicality and branding your company on being cruelty free when you know it isn’t, is twice as bad as testing beauty products on defenceless animals in the first place.

My eldest daughter first woke me up to this sad fact of the beauty industry and now we tend to look for the “Leaping Bunny” logo when buying products. My understanding of Leaping Bunny is that to acquire this certification, not only must the final product be cruelty free, but so must all of the ingredients used that go into making the final product About Leaping Bunny | Leaping Bunny

So I was pretty excited when this month’s Sustainable Beauty edition was sat patiently waiting for me earlier this week when I arrived home from work. There’s an eye cream which seems already to be working better than my usual eye cream after only two applications and some lovely soft reusable make up remover and exfoliating face cloths. There’s also a “superfood” skin cream and a hydrating multi-purpose balm that I’ve tried on myself and the whole family.

My absolute favourite though is the Organic Foot Balm which I’ve already looked at buying more of from Sknfed Organic Foot Balm – Peppermint | Sknfed. My feet feel amazing!

The box itself is said to contain £58+ of products. At the recommended retail price, I’m sure that’s true but I also know that I would not have paid £58 for it! Five items for a fiver each though seems fairly reasonable. Having said that, I’ve noticed that the price has recently gone up from £20 per month which has upset a few existing customers from the comments I’ve seen online. The gripe seems to be that other subscription beauty boxes are available for cheaper. Honestly, I haven’t looked into it so I don’t know but I’ve been impressed with the quality of the products I received in this first box.

I also know that organic products tend to cost more, as do true cruelty free beauty products so it’s something I’m happy to pay for. It also helps me get familiar with these brands whose values chime with my own much more than some familiar brands who can seem at face value to be ethical but who in reality are just paying lip service to this growing movement. Guilt free beauty is definitely something I think is worth paying for if you can afford it.

Another benefit is that whilst it is a subscription service, you can choose to discontinue at any time if you decide that it’s no longer for you. Not me though! I’m already looking forward to July 2021’s delivery based on the theme of “Summer Prep” – just in time for my holiday!