How the New Moon Energy Could Affect You: 2 – 9 July 2019

From around 8:16 p.m. (UK time) on 2 July 2019 the New Moon will be in the sign of Cancer so, time for an energy shift!

What is New Moon Energy?

New Moons are all about:

  • fresh starts;
  • setting your intentions as to how you will move forward from your current position;
  • “planting seeds” to grow as the New Moon does.

It’s my absolute favourite Moon, full of promise and a chance to start again on a blank page.

What to Do in the New Moon Energy?

Questions to ask yourself at a New Moon:

  • Where in my life could I “start again”?
  • What can I do now to start over in this area of my life?
  • When will be the best time to act on these intentions?
  • How can I prepare to give myself the best opportunity of progressing in this area of my life at the right time?

If you did the groundwork at the Last Quarter Moon of reflecting and assessing progress to date, you will have a strong foundation to begin answering these queries.

Otherwise, that’s what you’ll need to reflect back on now before being best placed to answer these questions.

What About the Sign the New Moon is in?

With the New Moon in the sign of Cancer to begin with, the focus will be very much on home and family life and how you balance your responsibilities here with appropriate self-care and self-nurturing. The sign of Cancer has strong associations to maternal instincts, caring, protective tendencies but is at its best when it does so having first set down boundaries.

Cancer is a Water sign so think feelings, emotions, intuition and immense depth too in all these areas. A time to be with those who make you happiest to really enjoy the more positive aspects of Cancerian energies.

And There’s a Solar Eclipse

A total Solar Eclipse on 2 July 2019 really supercharges this New Moon energy by helping you do a life detox, getting rid of things that no longer serve you to create room for the things that do.

It’s a time of shaking things up, or forward progress and upgrading your life. A time when opportunity comes looking for you – in short, they are portals of change. You may discover your “life purpose” in these energies. A date with destiny. It may be a wake-up call to shake up a family or friendship dynamic.

The Takeaway: If you’ve been reflecting in the last week or so you can now deal with planning areas to adjust/improve in, especially around those closest to you, your friends and family.

Do make sure you have reflected on any lessons learnt to avoid repeating them in this new cycle in order to progress onwards.

With the Solar Eclipse, your plan may turn out to be quite radical and unexpected, so it may not be entirely well-received at first. It feels an exciting energy, where anything can happen; just be sure to prioritise home and family when it matters most.

Using this week as a time for planning progress in the next cycle will give people time to adjust to your unusual ideas, before actually implementing those plans in the better energy of the First Quarter Moon for taking action from 9 July 2019, if possible.

Stay connected to your home and family this week to really capitalise on breathing new life into these areas.

Until next time….

Last Quarter Moon Energy: 25 June – 2 July 2019

Last Quarter Moon Energy: 25 June – 2 July 2019

From around 10:46 am (UK time) on 25 June 2019, the Moon will be in its Last Quarter in the sign of Aries.

What is Last Quarter Moon Energy?

We are back in a time of reflection after revelling in the harvest of the Full Moon energy of last week. As such, it can all feel very much an anti-climax; a hangover or comedown.

If we let it, we can be dragged down by this energy into a wallowing in self-pity in any way we feel we missed the mark in the last cycle, or, where we see the lesson in it, we can instead recognise this, see where we can improve and come up with a road-map to be put to use in next week’s New Moon energy, of where you are now and where you want to get to. Next week will be a time to put the finer detail to it but, for now, analyse your progress as a whole since the last cycle, to get a better insight into the bigger picture.

What is Aries Energy?

Aries is the action-man energy of the entire Zodiac. It’s a real “go-getter” feeling; an impatience to get started which is what, in my view, makes this energy somewhat challenging. In our haste to get started, we may not see the value in this time of withdrawal and reflection, instead wanting to not lose the momentum.

The Sun in Cancer Energy

But the Sun is in Cancer which is a much gentler, maternal energy, feminine and deep with their emotions. It is in balancing these two equally powerful energies that is the key to successfully working with them.

It won’t be easy though – Aries is the tell it like they see it energy which will immediately bring to light any areas of disagreement in feelings and actions in squaring the deep-feeling Sun in Cancer.

What to do in the Last Quarter Moon in Aries Energy?

  • Reflect on the good and the bad from the last cycle – what worked, what didn’t, what could you do differently next time?
  • Learn the lessons in your reflections now so as to make better use of next week’s energy.
  • Practice patience – engage in those activities that distract from taking hasty action until a more opportune time presents itself.

The Takeaway:

If you spent at least some time last week enjoying the fruits of your labours, you’re in the best possible position to make the most of these energies having a better appreciation of what worked and what success meant to you. Otherwise, you’re starting point is to do this now – What have you learnt during the last moon cycle? How can you use what you have learnt to continue to grow?

Once you’re armed with this information, you’ve got yourself a basic road map of where you are vs where you’re trying to get to. The equivalent to a Google Maps search; you may not know the detail of how to get there yet but you’re aware of the general direction.

It is also a time to practice patience, which isn’t easy with Aries energy; distract yourself from time to time this week so that you pace yourself. Enjoy the build up to the New Moon’s energy next week, taking time for self-care and recovery from the excesses of the harvest of the Full Moon, which should be enlightening in itself.

Until next week’s New Moon energy….

First Quarter Moon Energy: 10 June – 17 June 2019

Moon Energy Forecast

What is First Quarter Moon Energy?

From approximately 7 a.m. GMT today, we have what is known as a First Quarter Moon in the sign of Virgo. It will look like a half moon but the term quarter relates to the astrological positions of the Sun and the Moon causing a right-angle as opposed to the shape we see in the sky.

A First Quarter Moon is a very different energy to that of last week’s New Moon, so give yourself space to settle into this new energy. It can be a powerful time indeed, especially if during the New Moon, you made your plans and set your goals and intentions, now is the time to take action. Those “seeds” planted last week, now start forcefully pushing through, whether you feel ready or not, so you may feel a strong urge to take decisive action – just make sure it’s the right move and you’re not just being impulsive to avoid causing yourself unnecessary drama!

Being in the sign of Virgo, you should also ensure you’ve dotted all the “i’s” and crossed all the “t’s”. The devil is in the detail where Virgo is concerned so ensure you’ve checked and double-checked any paperwork or agreements before pushing forward.

What to do in the First Quarter Moon Energy?

This week is an excellent time to:

  • Feel more energetic – get any outstanding jobs done now to make the most of this energy boosted period;
  • Rid yourself of bad habits – smoking, drinking, junk food, lack of exercise. This is a great time to kick start your health and well-being plans;
  • Be decisive – once you’ve checked and double-checked the detail and you’re happy all is in order, press on with your plans, goals and intentions with your new-found energy.

Virgoan energy is determined and hard-working which might be just what you need whilst the Sun is in fun-loving Gemini, helping you to get that dreamed of project off the ground with a firm, solid foundation.

This energy can lead to a bit of a need for perfection – whilst it’s important to check the details and to not act impulsively, it’s also important to harness the powerful First Quarter Moon energy now, so remember that things don’t have to be perfect, they just have to be thought through and planned for. Otherwise, there’s a danger you’ll miss the boat altogether!

The Takeaway: Lights, camera, action! Take your plans from last week’s New Moon, double and even triple-check the detail, make your decision and then go for it! If you didn’t make the most of the planning energy of last week, all is not lost – you’re just going to have to make up lost ground first so even more reason to think carefully before acting.

Next week we will be in the Full Moon energy from 17 June 2019, a generally auspicious time when everything becomes amplified – good and bad. Whilst hard-work now is recommended to get your plans off the ground, a better idea would be working smart so that you don’t run yourself into the ground in the process and end up with overwhelmingly strong emotions then in that amplified energy.

The Full Moon is a time of even more expansion and fruition as your plans continue to grow as an unstoppable force. It’s also a time of illumination under the full glare of the light of the moon, when secrets can be revealed, so avoid doing anything now that you wouldn’t want to be exposed in next week’s energy!

Until next week’s Full Moon Energy Update…

New Moon Energy

New Moon Energy

For around one week a month, we have New Moon Energy. What this means is that for the first couple of days of this week you may feel a little unsettled as you adjust to this new energy.

But, once you do find your feet again, this can be a promising time. New Moons are all about fresh starts, setting your intention as to how you will move forward from your current position and “planting seeds” to grow as the New Moon does. It’s my absolute favourite Moon, full of promise and a chance to start again on a blank page.

What to do in the New Moon Energy?

Questions to ask yourself at a New Moon:

  • Where in my life could I “start again”?
  • What can I do now to start over in this area of my life?
  • When will be the best time to act on these intentions?
  • How can I prepare to give myself the best opportunity of progressing in this area of my life at the right time?

If you did the groundwork at the Last Quarter Moon of reflecting and assessing progress to date, you will have a strong foundation to begin answering these queries.

Apply this Energy to the Sign the Moon is in this Month

We also have to consider which of the Signs the Moon is “in” – this also changes once a month/approximately every 28 days and currently is in the sign of Gemini, the Twins. Gemini is an Air sign (along with its sister signs of Libra and Aquarius), which is associated with the intellect, the mind, thoughts and communication.

Because of this, this can be an excellent time to speak to others before starting a new venture, relationship, job opportunity or making a decision, with a keen emphasis on listening to someone rather than it being you doing all the talking. You don’t have to take their advice but it may help you think about your query on this new start in a different way that you might otherwise not consider.

Once you have your idea, it promises to be an explosive one – if you’ve done the groundwork and talked and listened to others first! Gemini and new thoughts or ideas tend to have something of the “light-bulb” or “eureka” moment about them; an epiphany, a stroke of genius. Then you can start your preparations to put your plans into action at the best time astrologically, the First Quarter Moon.

Gemini is also about fun and spontaneity, moments of unexpected laughs and enjoyment so get out and do things on the spur of the moment. With your “new ideas”, be flexible and remember that nothing is set in stone; you can change your mind if you want to if you later discover a different and better way to achieve your desires. Just leave yourself plenty of room to manoeuvre and change your mind at this time and this energy can be very fun and exciting.

To check which sign the Moon is currently in, see this fantastic resource:

Last Quarter Moon Energy

Last Quarter Moon Energy

What is Moon Energy?

In brief, the influence of the Moon’s 28-day journey through each sign and its stages, and how this affects our lives.

Last quarter moons are all about reflecting upon the progress we may have made from the last full moon (the previous week); a time of assessing what has worked well for us and what has not, an opportunity to fine tune our lives in readiness for next week’s new moon energy best for “all things new”.

What to do in the Last Quarter Moon Energy?

This is the time you should reflect back on what has worked well for you in the last week and what did not. A stock-take or inventory of your life over the last week or so that lasts until the next full moon.

This is a quieter energy than both last week’s full moon and next week’s new moon. It is more introspective. A time to retreat back a step from a situation or from launching anything new. It can feel like an internal tug of war with yourself, like a toddler trying to stay awake instead of taking a break to rejuvenate. If you fight it, you’re only going to feel more tired and stressed and clumsy.

Better to treat this as a quiet week, keeping things on the down-low, a moment to catch your breath before feeling refreshed and re-energised just in time for next week’s new moon energy – perfect!

In these moments of stillness and rejuvenation, you’ll be better able to objectively reflect on your progress and make the necessary adjustments to re-integrate with new projects or ideas at next week’s more favourable time energetically.

The Takeaway: There may be some things you are still figuring out in this less bright light of the Moon. These are represented by the dark side of the Moon in its last quarter. Focus on these as you reflect to clear your thoughts ahead of next week’s new moon, when you can take new actions more effectively.

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