What’s Your Secret Psychic Power?

What “Clair” Are You?

Said to mean “clear”, your “Clair” is what type of vibes or energies come through most clearly to you. Clairvoyance, for example, means clear-seeing so this could be someone who has had full on visions or premonitions or maybe even just snippets of information are seen by them that they aren’t able to fully understand the meaning of immediately.

Further Examples:

Clairaudient: Someone who receives their guidance, messages, intuition, and the like from an inner voice is said to be clairaudient.

Clairsentient: Someone who gets “gut feelings”, an empath who “picks up” on energy around them, other people’s moods or senses a connection to a person or building.

Claircognizant: Where someone receives their messages through an inner knowing often referred to as “downloads” or maybe someone who knows something that they cannot explain where that knowledge comes from.

There are said to be many other types of clair such as clairalience (clear-smelling) and, one I only learned of today, clairgustance (clear-eating!).

To be psychic is to have a way of receiving and understanding the information you are bombarded with on a daily basis which, in my view, is something we all have and use every day without ever really thinking about it. If you are able to believe that the universe is made up of matter and energy, then is it not conceivable that life on earth is capable of tapping into or being affected by those energies and matter in more ways than just the usual 5 senses of taste, touch, hearing, sight and smell?

It’s worth having a think about times in the past when you have just “known” something, something that perhaps you and/or others put down to coincidence or funny timing. What was it that you just “knew”? How did you “know” it? Was it a feeling, a thought, a song you were listening to?

And, if you can’t think of a time why not have a go at this Quiz I found (link below) on PlayBuzz. You might be surprised at the results!


I got clairsentient which really wasn’t surprising to me at all. What did you get – do you agree?

Want to See Your Aura?

How to See Your Aura

Before diving into the fun stuff of actually seeing your own aura, it seems appropriate to start with a definition as to what your aura actually is.

Cambridge Dictionary defines an aura as:

‚Äč“a type of light that some people say they can see around people and animals


But What Are They?

Auras are part of what is known as the “energetic body”, so called because it is believed to be made up of an electromagnetic field of energy outside of the physical body. Essentially, when you see an aura, whether your own or someone else’s, you are seeing a person’s life-force energy, otherwise known as “prana” or “chi”.

A Sign of Psychic Abilities

If you are able to see auras, this is deemed to be a type of psychic ability – clairvoyance i.e. the ability to see something that is beyond our usual 5 senses, to have extra-sensory perception or ESP. Some people naturally have this ability whilst others have to work harder to develop it, much like other skills such as singing or painting.

Some believe that the aura is made up of 7 layers ranging outwards from the physical body, whilst others see only one layer but, regardless of layers, the general view seems to be that both our moods and mental, physical and spiritual states do have an impact on the colour an aura is perceived to be.

Chakra Connection

Most people that believe and see auras, myself included, consider them directly related to chakras. Whilst there is a lot of detailed information on the meaning of the colours, I prefer to relate them directly to my understanding of chakras and their colour meanings. You can find out more information on what chakras are and the colours and meanings here:


The Technique

The way that I see auras is that I concentrate usually on a person’s head or on myself, on my hand, preferably against a plain coloured background. I then let my eyes lose focus (a bit like looking at a “Magic Eye” picture) until I can see a glowing white outline around them. After holding my gaze for a short while, I can then glimpse certain shades or colours, with brighter shades being more “healthy” than say a murkier or muddy hue.

Why not give it a try on your own hand held up a metre or so away from a plain wall and see if you can spot your own aura.

(I would also just add that I don’t recommend practising this for too long at a time as otherwise it can cause headaches after a very short while).

If you have a pre-existing health condition, I would always recommend speaking with your health care practitioner before trying any new practice. If you experience any adverse symptoms whilst trying to see your aura, you should also stop immediately.