New Moon Vibes

Make the Most of the New Moon Vibes

Every month, the moon transits through its different phases. One of its most powerful phases is that of the New Moon. So what is a New Moon and what sort of things are recommended to do to really make the most of the energy around us.

What is a New Moon

Simply put, it’s when you look up into the clear night sky and there’s no moon visible. As the nights pass, more and more of the moon becomes visible as the moon begins to “grow” again, until it becomes a Full Moon after which it slowly cycles through to a New Moon again. And repeat.

Why Does it Matter to You?

For millennia the moon and its phases, as well as the sun and whatever it was up to, hugely impacted the lives of the folk on this planet, not only for religious and spiritual reasons but also because until the Romans adopted the solar based Gregorian calendar and spread it throughout their empire, the main calendar in use was in fact, lunar.

In modern times many don’t believe that the moon and her phases can affect life on Earth, and to each their own but, increasingly, more and more of us are starting to notice how the different phases of the moon do seem to have an impact on our own moods and behaviour at different times in her cycle.

By respecting and honouring the different energies during the different phases, some believe that their lives noticeably improve. So, what to expect and do with the New Moon energy?

How to Work with New Moon Energy

  1. Cleanse – whether its your crystals or divination tools like tarot cards or runes that you’ve used since the last cycle, now is the perfect time to cleanse. Many choose to burn sage but certain essential oils work well too. Other options are to use singing bowls or other sounds like chanting or singing. And don’t forget to cleanse yourself and your environment whilst you’re at it – sage and incense is great for this but also just getting out into nature or taking a bath with Epsom salts is fantastic to clear your auric field. Additionally, give the house a good once over, organising that cupboard or drawers you’ve been meaning to get round to for ages. You’ll know it’s worked when you feel lighter and brighter.
  2. Charge – your crystals that is by leaving them out overnight, or for a few hours at least, to soak up that New Moon energy.
  3. Intention Setting – if you don’t journal daily or weekly then try to make the effort to do it at least every New Moon. Brainstorm all your inspirations, ambitions and new ideas out on a piece of paper. This is a powerful method of setting new intentions for yourself and, without knowing it, you’ll be downloading and channelling ideas and divine insight from the Universe! A good alternative to this if writing’s not your thing is to make a vision board. It doesn’t have to be nothing fancy, just a blank card that you fill up with images, phrases and words that inspire you. Put it somewhere that you’ll see every day on waking and you might be surprised on where you find yourself by the next New Moon cycle!
  4. Create – new ways to get healthier by picking areas to work on that excite you. Often this can be a new exercise regime or hobby or find innovative ways to build on what you started in the last cycle.
  5. Rest and Recharge – yourself! A perfect way to do this is by meditating and reflecting on all that has happened since the last New Moon. If meditating is not for you then prayer is often a more familiar alternative. It’s a time to take the pace down a notch or two and make space for a new phase in your own life. It’s probably a good idea to do this before you start intention setting.

Obviously, you can do anything you like but these are just a few common ways that those who do like to work with the energies of the moon frequently choose to do so. As you progress and this becomes a natural monthly feature in your life you might even choose spellwork or invocations.

The idea is simply to pick a ritual that doesn’t feel forced. I know that when I first came across New Moon Rituals none of them really felt like me. And that’s because these are just ideas. You have to find little bits here and there and adapt until you find a ritual that feels right for you. For example, I like to do a tarot reading and write this down in my journal to review at the next New Moon to help me reflect on where I was and where I am now as well as where I’m headed. Lighting candles and burning sage and incense, whilst cleansing and clearing space, are all just ways to help get me in the right headspace.

And remember that the New Moon energies tend to be with us for a day or two before the actual New Moon and a day or two after. So currently the New Moon in Gemini for May 2020 was last night, 22 May – I’ll be doing my ritual work this evening. I’ll then look to do another ritual at the Full Moon in June, which is another very powerful moon phase in which to start enacting your own rituals, but in a different way. More on that another time!

For now, why not pick one or two of your favourites from the above ideas and give them a go on the next New Moon to start seeing how you can benefit from the energies all around us?

The Magick of Herbs – The D’s

The Magick of Herbs –

The D’s

With the powerful New Moon in Cancer now upon us, this week I decided to follow my own advice and set, or rather re-set, my intentions for 2019 in areas where I have drifted off my intended course, set for myself at the start of the calendar year.

Many nature-lovers like myself like to do a “New Moon Ritual” at this time to help cement those intentions more fully so that the are planned and ready to be progressed over the next couple of weeks or so. This doesn’t have to be any more than taking a moment to sit in nature (or indoors if unable to sit outdoors), preferably on the day of the New Moon (or as close to it as possible), meditating on your intentions for the latest Moon cycle and perhaps surrounding yourself with items or trinkets that are important to you and your intentions.

These items could be candles, incense, photos or affirmations, a few helpful herbs…there’s a couple in the article that I think are lovely for adding to your very own New Moon Ritual.

There are loads of articles out there to inspire your New Moon Ritual but I’m something of an improviser! I like to review other people’s ideas and put together my own ritual inspired by others but with my own unique twist and that’s what I’d suggest anyone do. You want to make it feel “special” enough that it’s not something you do every day but not so complicated that you need a set of instructions to follow it!

If you’re interested in how the New Moon might affect your life, feel free to check out the article on it below, along with the link to the previous section on the C’s of our Magickal Herbs directory:

Otherwise, we progress through our Magickal Herbs A-Z, taking on the D’s….


Picked fresh from the garden this evening, most of us will be able to access this plant associated with innocence and child-like love. Many of us will know and have even had a go at the “He loves me; he loves me not” game in our younger years. Given its associations, add liberally to love spells. Alternatively, use in a new baby blessing, perhaps in a baby-shower gift for the parents?


Another wonderful ingredient for love spells. Damiana, however, is much more lusty, sexual and passionate than the innocent daisy above so you probably wouldn’t want to include both in the same spell! A good example of why it’s important to set intentions before working with herbs and ingredients to better make use of their gifts. Other uses include opening of chakras and deep meditation. Works well with quartz. Best to not ingest this one.

Dammar Gum

In Malaysian, “Dammar” means “light” and therefore this gum is said to bring lightness to a dark soul. Cleansing of negativity; depression; sadness; and melancholy, it is also believed to be healing and useful in divination and psychic practices, it’s light-bringing qualities helping to raise our awareness.

Dandelion Leaf

Another good ingredient for enhancing powers of divination, psychic abilities and particularly potent at summoning spirits! A purifier, it is a cheery, healing herb and useful to carry as a charm or used in a wishing spell.

Dead Nettle (Red)

This herb is said to be protective, good for friendships and relationships of all sorts, also with a happy, cheerful vibe so may be useful in incense. It can be added to teas or salads, raw or cooked. One particularly good herb for me to use with my New Moon Ritual as it has a grounding, determined energy to it, said to help with willpower!

That brings us to the end of the D’s in our directory. Enjoy the New Moon energies and set yourself some great intentions, maybe even taking part in your very own ritual to help strengthen your resolve. Next week we’ll take a look at both the E’s and the F’s. See you then!

As with any remedy or medicine, be sure to check with your healthcare provider before beginning to work with any herbs listed.

You – Who Are You?

Confessions of a Witch

Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has always been a story that has delighted me, along with its sequel, Alice Through the Looking Glass ever since I was first introduced to it.

First Impressions

Initially, this was through the Disney film (which is the first Disney video I remember having) and then I was bought a copy of the book by a school friend when I was 7 and his complete works when I was 10, which I still have and read now at 36. In the last few months, I’ve added to my Alice collection, buying Alice themed Oracle cards – she’s pretty much been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

Not a Fan of the New Stuff

I can’t say I’m a fan of the recent Disney films – they just weren’t the Alice characters from my imagination – but otherwise she’s without a doubt one of my favourite characters, from one of my favourite imaginary worlds ever.

“You? Who Are You?”

You may have seen from earlier posts that, for personal reasons, I decided to cut back on alcohol from the start of 2019. It just wasn’t something that was working for me anymore although I’ve no issue with others partaking.

Since then, I’ve been forced to come face-to-face with the “real” me and at times it has felt a bit like I’m navigating Wonderland myself with me demanding of myself, just like the haughty caterpillar: “You – Who Are You”?

Coming Out of the Broom Closet

Whilst I can’t say that I’ve fully answered that question in a mere 6 months, I can say that I feel more certain than I have for a long time. I’ve already mentioned on the site my love of all things mystical since I was a child, astrology, tarot and the like and how I’ve always felt drawn to and “dabbled” in witchcraft – of the white sort – but never actually really admitted to others that it was anything more than a bit of fun. Consider this post me officially coming out of the broom closet!

One of the greatest things about this blog is that it has helped me to admit and accept that I am in fact a witch. It seems easier to admit it on here than in “real” life. I am very much a novice witch with so very much to learn but I feel that I have remained a novice for so long as a result of resisting being myself all these long years. It’s funny because now, looking back, I can’t understand why I did really.

Still Taboo?

Having spent some time asking this very question on the internet and garnering various views, there were 2 that really jumped out at me:

Firstly, there is the persecution and shame that witches through the centuries have been subjected to – whether they truly were witches or not. Living not far from Pendle, I tend to feel quite an affinity with the history of the Pendle witches rather than say, Salem, but regardless of where witch-hunts and trials like this took place, society’s views on witchcraft through the years, for me anyway, definitely led to me not wanting to voice who I felt I was, not so much for fear of persecution these days, but certainly to avoid mockery and ridicule.

Secondly, there seems to be a strong belief that for those that believe in past lives, as I do, this fear may well be linked to a previous lifetime and history of being born a witch and all the persecution and shame referred to above that came along with this.

Community Inspiration

I’ve been really inspired however these last 6 months by other practising witches, brave enough to be who they are and live according to their belief systems, regardless of societal views historically or in the modern-era. It is to them I owe my current courage to not only accept who I am but to no longer hide it.

So, I recently purchased a “witch starter kit” to kickstart my new found confidence in myself and which arrived today. I’ve kept my own Book of Shadows for some time now and tonight went so far as to cast my first “real” protection spell which I felt was needed, again for personal reasons.

So should I start demanding of myself going forward “Who Are You?”, I’m happy to say that I can now answer this with confidence – I am a witch.

What about you – did you always know you were a witch and embraced the concept from the start or, like me, did you for some reason resist the call? I’d love to hear your own experiences.

Could You Be a Witch?

Check Out Your Witch Probability Score

Came across this fun quiz last night – why not try it for yourself?

Apparently any more than 11 and you just might be a witch. I got 29 – how about you?