Yoga & Meditation

This section is all about looking at different asanas, pranayama and meditation techniques as well as any other methods to help you tune into yourself body, mind and soul.

I started yoga several years ago when I was trawling through YouTube looking for exercise videos. I gave it a go and was particularly drawn to Hatha yoga. My “go to” home practice is based around the Yoga with Adriene online content and community.

As I’ve developed my home yoga and meditation routine, I’ve naturally developed more of an interest in its roots and history, different styles and approaches, the philosophies and shared interests that its followers resonate with, and ways to weave these into my own life connecting with a more authentic and natural part of me.

The principles and practices of yoga as far as I can see, are both simple and effective and pretty inclusive and adaptable to suit all ages, interests and abilities. I say this having not only seen it change my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined, but having enjoyed seeing the family embrace it too. Lee and I have taken part in sessions together from the comfort of our own home but so has Mia, who massively enjoys watching Yoga for Kids (also found on You Tube) told through fun and engaging stories. I love it when she asks can she “do some yoga”?

If you’re thinking about starting a yoga and meditation practice of your own, it can seem really overwhelming where to start. I liked YouTube beginner videos as these were slow enough to get familiar with the asanas (postures) and learn different breathing and meditation techniques, free and available whenever I wanted.

You may prefer to attend a yoga beginner’s class in your area or to learn from a book or a friend – it’s important to adapt your practice into something what works for you on every level.

Alternatively, if the meditation side of things is calling to you, why not start with resources such as apps, webites or books introducing you to different types of meditation whether mindful or guided or simply sitting still for a few minutes, in a comfortable position, with your spine straight and your eyes still? As a beginner, (and whenever I feel like it), I often lay down to meditate, which at first feels more natural than the cross-legged style and can be a nice introduction to these topics.

Feel free to browse the articles below for a basic introduction to these topics. Who knew that breathing and stretching properly and regularly could be so life-changing?