Strawberry Moon Energy: 17-25 June 2019

Moon Energy Update

What is Full Moon Energy?

We’re probably more used to hearing about Full Moon energy than any other phase of the Moon. In stories and superstitions throughout history, there have been legends and rumours of transformations during a Full Moon as everything is revealed by the brightest glare of the Moon. e.g. Werewolves, for example.

And so from around 9:30 a.m. UK time on 17 June 2019, we will have a Full Moon starting in the sign of Sagittarius. This Moon is also known as the Strawberry Moon by Native Americans, being traditionally their time of year for collecting this ripened fruit. Other names for it include the Honey Moon/Mead Moon and the Lovers Moon.

As always during the time of a change in the Moon’s phases, it can shake the energy up a bit for a day before/after it changes. Full Moon’s are about amplification, a bit like thinking about something so much you almost will it into existence, whether good or bad. A way to make the most of this type of energy and to shift to a more positive state of mind would be to practice gratitude. Even if its as little as noting all the little things you have, from an umbrella in the rain to having had an enjoyable day, jot down 3 things maybe every night that you’re grateful for from that day.

Full Moons are a time of “reaping what you’ve sown, so far”, so assessing where you started in your current particular journey, where you are now and where you are in relation to where you want to be. As the 6-monthly point for the year, this may mean reflecting back on the first half of 2019 and thinking back on intentions set and assessing your progress. If you’re on track, great – keep on doing that and if not, what could you do to change course?

Reaching the potential of the Full Moon also means getting ready for a new cycle beginning as you reach the peak of the last one.

As the Full Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius, at least at first, this can be a lighthearted energy, as well as a moment to open up and be genuinely curious about others, yourself. It is an optimistic time if you are able to re-focus on your goals and dreams, as the planning helps in you feeling confident and secure in your pursuits.

Just beware of being so focused on your future goals and dreams that you forget to appreciate what you have here and now. Again, practising a mindful gratefulness regularly can help centre you and remind you of the bigger picture.

What to do in the Full Moon Energy?

  • Reap your harvest from the work you have been doing recently;
  • Feel more abundant by focusing on what you do have as well as what you would like to progress towards;
  • Review and readjust your course based on progress to date;
  • Get ready for a new cycle starting.

This week, the energy should shift to something more manageable – the hard work has been done. There’s still a way to go but you’re on the home run.

The week overall feels positive but hyping up a future outcome like this can make the present feel dull and lifeless, no matter how promising in reality. Take time this week to practice gratitude to remind you that even if you haven’t got everything you want, you have got everything you really need at that precise moment. That might be all you need to do to tap into this optimistic energy.

The Takeaway: A time of celebration after the hard work of planting our seeds, nurturing them into fruition and now harvesting. We get to take stock, an inventory of how we’re doing, with real focus and clarity.

If we manage to not get too attached to specific outcomes then this energy can be exciting and adventurous. It can give us the motivation to aim big as we set, or re-set, our next intentions. Even if it means starting again, you’ll be better prepared for what you learned from your last attempt.

Full Moons are exciting because they are so revealing – a moment of truth and wonder, with secrets being discovered, again good or bad. It feels really spontaneous and fun.

After this week, we’ll be in the Last Quarter Moon Energy when it will be a time for deeper reflections, of purging and letting go, a releasing. Now is a time then to enjoy the moment of our “harvest” and live light, knowing that the next energy will be a heavier one.

Until next week’s Last Quarter Moon Energy Update…

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